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David Simkanic

David Simkanic born in Slovakia an accomplished artist designing and crafting,with extraordinary skill and techniques, leather goods such as bags, belts, accessories etc. From the age of 22, an apprentice studying the art of leather crafting near the greatest of his country's artisans. As an adult he has travelled all over Central Europe, enriching his skills and experience, refining his art and forming his personal style which is characterized by a unique way of combining simple but functional forms with the purest of materials. He creates bags that have simple lines, elegant fashion and a knowledgable way of exploiting the leathers texture. Each bag is a unique piece always functional and easy to carry. They are cut and crafted in the finest leather,chosen personally by David Simkanic among the best leathers that Italy and France produce. Each bag is unique, designed by the artist in a way that makes certain that ''it will never go out of fashion'' because the final result not only does not obey any fashion dictate but actually transcends them. These handmade creations achieve the epitomy of elegance by the simplicity of their design and the sturdiness of the raw materials used! 

Handmade by David Simkanicd
Car Seats
Beach Motorbike
Animal Print Chair
Black Leather Bag
Retro Chair
Leather Harness
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